Minutri was created by a team with expertise and know-how in healthy food and franchise management: Grupo Monama and Grupo Kalaes.

Grupo Monama has been producing healthy foods for 10 years. Besides Monama Orgânicos itself, as part of the group are also the brands Empório da Papinha and Farovitta Superfoods.

The Kalaes Group is a multisector franchise holding company with more than 1,000 successful franchises.

The Project

By accessing the E-commerce the user fills the ZIP, making the it to show which Store delivers in your area. If undeliverable, the user will be directed to a form to request deliveries in his area.
By clicking the button "I want to shop" it will be directed to the homepage with products and stock based on the selected Store that will be responsible for the delivering.

FMC was responsible for the design, usability, navigation and the Store's shopping experience. The navigation was developed for all screen sizes, thinking also on the touchscreens, like tablets and smartphones, making possible for an user to shop anywhere and in any device with internet access.

The parent company Empório da Papinha has an Admin Dashboard to manage the available products and monitor the entire selling process of the licensed Stores.
Each Store has an Admin Dashboard to manage its stock, price, orders and where to delivery its products.

To access use the ZIP 04524-000.